Comprehensive Sleep Medicine Clinic

Changes to Clinic Operations Due to COVID-19

To protect patients and staff from the possibility of contracting and spreading Coronavirus, on 3/25/20, OmniSleep providers stopped seeing patients in-clinic and started providing clinical care via telemedicine. Patients already on the schedule will be able to keep their existing appointment time and see their provider using mobile devices or computers.   Patients will still have an initial new patient visit to establish care and a follow up visit to discuss study results and therapy options.  

We'll be sending links to our telemedicine waiting room by text and email the day before the visit.  

This process is new for us and for our patients.  There may be hiccups while we learn the technology and develop internal processes to handle our entire clinical schedule via telemedicine.  Thank you.  


If you have questions about your appointment, call us at 505-843-8758.  

Effective and Personalized 

Sleep Disorders Care

All patients starting care with OmniSleep get a comprehensive clinical evaluation with one of our sleep specialists.  These evaluations allow a complete assessment of sleep disorders while considering the patient's medical issues and current lifestyle.  We can evaluate patients for apnea, insomnia, narcolepsy, limb movement disorder, circadian rhythm disorders, parasomnias, etc.  If patients require testing for a sleep disorder, the sleep specialist will order a sleep study.   

Our clinical sleep specialists coordinate treatment care for all sleep disorders, including directing our  Apnea Care Program and ordering CPAP equipment from our in-house department or from an outside DME supplier.