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Telemedicine Clinic Visits

OmniSleep provides the convenient option of providing clinical care via telemedicine from your home or workplace on your cell phone or computer.   It is very easy.   Each day we do many initial visits, and follow up visits are now usually performed by video visit using our state of the art technology.

Important:  Copay is due prior to all appointments, including telemedicine; be ready to enter your credit card information just prior to your visit. 

Your Telemedicine Visit:  How To Do It

Prior to Your Visit:

  1. Our schedulers schedule you for a telemedicine visit.

  2. We'll send you a text or email with instructions to log into your patient portal to complete paperwork. 

  3. Log into the portal with the user name and password we texted or email you and complete all paperwork within 24 hours of receiving your portal login information.

  4. Click image to right for instructions:     

  5. Take and text us photos of the following items to 505-843-8758:  

    • driver’s license /or identification card

    • front and back of Insurance card(s)

    • make and model plate of your PAP machine or oxygen tank if you own one.

Day of Your Visit:

  1. You will receive the video visit link the morning of your visit:​​

  2. You will need to have a device that has video chat capability, either a cell phone, iPad or tablet, or computer with camera/audio.

  3. You must do your video visit in a room or parked car.  For safety we will not do your visit when you are driving.

  4. Have a credit card ready.  There may be a copay for the appointment, payment is made during the telemedicine check-in.​​

  5. Click the video visit link:

  6. Log into our waiting room at least 5 minutes before your scheduled appointment time.

  7. Please check in by typing your full name, first and last.

  8. Give call us at 505-843-8758 for any questions regarding the Telemed appointment.

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Portal Instructions
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