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Why You Should Choose OmniSleep versus...


Not Qualified to Diagnose Apnea

Not Medical Providers

High Cost

Many dentists test their patients for sleep apnea to sell them dental appliances (mouthpieces) to treat apnea.   Here is why you should not let your dentist "diagnose" apnea.

  • Dentists are not trained or qualified to practice sleep medicine, or to diagnose sleep disorders, like apnea.  Would you go to your sleep specialist for a tooth filling?

  • Dentists can mis-diagnose you. Home apnea tests done at dental offices can't detect sleep disorders like central sleep apnea and limb movement disorder.

  • Dentists typically require "consultations" and they provide home sleep apnea tests. Because dentists are not qualified, these things are not covered by insurance, so you must pay out of pocket, typically $500-$800 for both.

  • Oral appliances cost $3000 to $5000.  Be aware that most dentists won't bill your insurance for oral appliances, and also that many insurance plans wont pay for them.

  • For patients that want an oral appliance to treat obstructive apnea, our providers can make a referral to a dentist to provide one. 

Hospital Sleep Labs

  • A sleep study at a sleep lab owned by a hospital is expensive!  Hospital studies can cost $2000-$6000+.

  • Hospitals typically charge facility fees in addition to the sleep study charge, and these can be up to $1000+.  

  • Outrageous, right?

  • OmniSleep sleep studies average much less, from $225 (home tests) to $800 (in-lab adults) to $1200 (in-lab pediatric).  

  • Most insurance covers sleep studies, but with a hospital owned sleep lab, your copay will be much higher.

  • Hospital sleep labs can can have longer waits to schedule for evaluations, testing, and follow up than OmniSleep.  

Highest Sleep Study Fees

Extra Facility Fees

Huge Potential Cost

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