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OmniSleep Overnight Sleep Study Guide

There will be a private room reserved for you the night of your sleep study.   The OmniSleep has two check-in times - 8:15pm or 9:45pm. Arrive at the sleep lab at your scheduled check-in time. A sleep technologist will greet you. The technologist is on duty to apply sleep sensors and monitor your sleep study the entire night. The setup process will take approximately one hour to complete, then you will go to bed.

How should I prepare for my overnight sleep study?

Don’t dye your hair for three or four days prior to the study.  Please shower before your study and avoid using perfumes, lotions, or hair gel. 


  • comfortable sleeping clothes and a robe for trips to the bathroom. 

  • toiletries and any medications you usually take.

  • your own pillow or blanket if you like, for comfort. 

  • a snack and a bottled drink with you. 

  • CPAP users - bring your mask.

  • For pediatric patients, bring anything that is going to make the child feel more comfortable; such as stuffed animals, specific blanket, book to read, etc.


You may be drowsy and groggy after your sleep study.  We strongly recommend that you arrange transportation to and from the sleep center for your study (see Early Study Termination below).   Patients who cannot function with mental or physical independence must have an attendant stay overnight for the study.  We have sleeping chairs for this purpose.  Please DO NOT bring any valuables or money with you.  OmniSleep cannot be held responsible for loss or theft of personal items.

What will happen when I arrive for my sleep study?

Arrive to your overnight sleep study appointment at your scheduled time. If you arrive early, you may have to wait until your sleep technologist is available. Shortly after arriving, you will be asked to complete a pre-sleep survey. A sleep technician will apply approximately 25 electrodes to your head, face, chest, and legs with an adhesive paste. The application of the electrodes is painless. You will also have sensors at your nose and on your finger. There will be soft elastic bands placed around your chest and abdomen. It takes approximately one hour to apply the necessary items to run your sleep study.  After the "hook-up" is completed you can relax until your bedtime.

What happens at bedtime and during the sleep study?

Just before bedtime a technician may apply a few additional sensors. These are painless and will not restrict your movement during sleep. The technician will guide you through some simple movements, such as "blink your eyes five times," "breathe through your mouth," and "clench your teeth." The technician will be monitoring the room during the night. If you need to get out of bed for any reason, simply call out or wave. A technician will easily disconnect the study wires from a central port.

What happens during the treatment sleep study?

If you have sleep-related breathing disorder (such as sleep apnea), the recommended treatment is Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP). CPAP is pressurized air that is produced by a small machine and delivered through a mask. There are many types of masks available. The pressurized air holds your airway open so that you are able to breathe during sleep without airway obstruction or drops in your oxygen level. During the treatment sleep study, the sleep technician will customize the amount of air pressure needed to normalize your breathing. You may consider using a decongestant or nasal spray prior to the study. One of our sleep specialists will analyze the study to determine what pressure setting is best for you. Following your treatment sleep study, an appointment will be made to discuss the results.

What if I can't sleep?

This is a common concern, and we realize that the monitoring equipment may interfere somewhat with your comfort. Do your best to relax and move in bed as you normally would. The wires may loosen during the night, and the sleep technician will make adjustments as needed. If you have great difficulty sleeping in unfamiliar surroundings, you may consult with your sleep specialist about ordering a prescription sleep aid for the study.  Sleep technologists don’t give sleep aides for the study.

What happens in the morning?

The sleep technician will wake you when the test is over, about 5:30am. You will be asked to complete a post-sleep survey. The monitoring devices will be removed and you will have the opportunity to wash up and dress to leave. There are showers available for your convenience. The sleep technician will not have any results or comments about your sleep study, but will be happy to answer general questions about sleep disorders or the evaluation process. The sleep lab closes at 6:30 am.

How will I get my sleep study results?  Your follow up visit!

Your study will be analyzed and interpreted by your Board Certified Sleep Specialist who will produce a report with recommendations for the next steps in your care, which may include PAP treatment or second overnight treatment sleep study.  Your provider will discuss sleep study results at your follow-up visit.  You must attend your follow-up visit.  OmniSleep will not release study results without a follow-up visit, to avoid situations where patients try to self-treat. 

Where do I get the CPAP machine and CPAP mask?

The prescription for the CPAP machine, mask, and all associated equipment will be sent to a Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Company of your choice.  

Sleepiness Self-Assessment and Transportation after Study

Please be aware that the sensors attached to you and the unfamiliar environment of the sleep lab may cause reduced sleep quality and a shorter sleep time. After your sleep study, you may feel drowsy. You are responsible for determining your own level of sleepiness and your ability to drive or otherwise function after your sleep study. You are responsible for calling a friend, family member, or ride share if you feel too drowsy to drive. OmniSleep recommends that patients make prior arrangements for transportation the morning after their study.  OmniSleep discourages patients from driving while drowsy. OmniSleep will not be held responsible for injury or damage caused by your choosing to operate equipment or motor vehicles while drowsy following a sleep study.

Early Study Termination

Should you elect to terminate your sleep study prior to the normal time, you may experience excessive sleepiness due to the effects of sleep medication, lack of sleep, an untreated sleep disorder, or other medical conditions. You are responsible for determining your own level of sleepiness and your ability to drive or otherwise function after the sleep study. OmniSleep strongly discourages you from driving home until 6:30 am. If you do, you may have an increased risk of an accident due to drowsiness. After your sleep technologist removes all sensors, you are free to sleep in your room until 6:00am. OmniSleep will not be held responsible for injury or damage caused by your choosing to drive home if you elect to terminate your sleep study early.

Policies for Re-scheduling, Cancellation, and "No Show"? (IMPORTANT)

It is very difficult for us to fill your sleep study appointment if you cancel or reschedule less than 2 business days before of your scheduled study. If you no-show for your study, or if you cancel the same, it leaves an empty bed that can't be used.  As a result, OmniSleep has a no-show / cancellation policy.

We secure a $50 deposit at the time your sleep study is scheduled. If you complete the sleep study as scheduled, the deposit will be applied to any expenses for your care with OmniSleep – any difference is refunded.

  • 48 hours before study - If you cancel 48 hours (2 business days), or more in advance of your appointment we'll reschedule you for another appointment with no fee.

  • 24 hours before study - If you cancel or reschedule your sleep study from 1 business days before your sleep study appointment, you'll be charged a $50 fee.

  • Day of study - If you no-show or cancel on the day of your study, you'll be charged a $200 fee.

Our scheduling staff doesn't work weekends, so if you call Friday to cancel a Saturday or Sunday study, or if you leave a message on a weekend to cancel a Saturday, Sunday, or Monday study, it doesn't leave us time to fill your empty appointment, and it is treated as a same day cancellation, and a $200 fee will be charged.  If you no-show or if you cancel your study with less than one days notice more than two times, you will not be rescheduled and may be unable to get a sleep study from OmniSleep.



If you have other questions, or need to re-schedule my appointment, please call our office at 505-843-8758 and we would be happy to help you.

All copays, co-insurance, and deductibles are due prior to the study.  To pay, please call our billing office at 505-843-8758. 

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