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Better Sleep and Health
For New Mexico

AASM Accredited Facility
Faster, more convenient, more economical sleep apnea care.

OmniSleep's sleep specialists and staff have a main focus - diagnosis and treatment of sleep disordered breathing.


Fast Track Apnea Care gets eligible patients diagnosed and tested for sleep apnea with convenient and less costly home testing.  We build relationships with our patients to customize care, educate, and motivate them to achieve better sleep and health.  OmniSleep provides care for adults and children.

Telemedicine Visits and Home Sleep Apnea Tests

Faster and convenient.  OmniSleep offers telemedicine visits and home sleep apnea tests to eligible patients.

Specializing in Sleep Apnea and Other Breathing Disorders of Sleep.

We are experts in and provide quick access to care for sleep related breathing disorders, like obstructive and central sleep apnea.   

How We Help You to Be Healthier Through Better Sleep

Accredited Sleep Medicine Center

Sleep disorders diagnosis starts with a comprehensive evaluation with our sleep specialists.

State of the Art Sleep Testing

Accurate sleep testing is the basis for diagnosis and treatment of many sleep disorders.

In-House CPAP Supply

Convenience and highly coordinated care enhances therapy success.

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